At LaunchPD, we meet the industry standards and complication thereby specializing in industry specific solutions globally since our inception in 2004. We are now expanding our canvas opening our offices in various locations.


It is Challenging and Exciting

We know that a Career is a Dream, a Challenge and a Future. So at launchpd we don't just work for a living, we work for a sense of accomplishment resulting "Success sharing" and giving tangible and intangible benefits to all. We are firmly committed to your professional growth, personal satisfaction and overall well being. We've built a team of intelligent, dedicated and passionate individuals.



At launchpd every day is a challenge as well as an excitement. The work awaits you here is multidimensional so that the very word monotony becomes irrelevant. Flexibility, Friendly work-culture, Emphasis on individual growth and opportunity to work on latest technology makes it a great place to work. The Multidimensional projects and works you come across always provide you an opportunity to learn new things and thus grow.


Unique Opportunities to Grow

launchpd offers a platform for our employees to expand their horizon through exposures. Here employees are encouraged to interact with the client directly while doing a project. You can directly learn from the client many things. And these interactions boost your confidence while giving you a direct exposure to the industry. At launchpd we always make our employees a part and parcel of e-conference halls.

Thus through all possible ways we are committed to provide you new out look and new experience to enrich yourself. You will find yourself doing with latest project and dealing with biggest companies. We are always particular in Adopting Latest Technology so that not just the company but you can also keep updating.



Our need-based training, led by experienced mentors, is augmented with access to the latest technical expertise. We encourage the employees to lean new things. We endorse training programs for our employees to grow their careers. Inside launchpd employees are always enthusiastic to share and learn new technical as well as non-technical skills. Our company culture always emphasizes Learning.



Motivation plays a key role in one's career. Appreciation and recognition always boost enthusiasm and passion. In order to acknowledge and admire the effort our employees are putting to keep the company stand ahead of its competitors we have initiated a program, Best Employee of the Moth. And it's important to recognize and appreciate a good job to promote positive thinking and healthy working atmosphere.


Fun at LaunchPD

Fun is an intrinsic part of our work life. We relish frequent get-togethers that are celebrated with great gusto and zeal. The way we celebrate each and every Employee's birthday testifies our enthusiasm for togetherness and fun.

More than that as a part of company anniversary celebrations the launchpd team gathers for a picnic, enjoying the whole day outside.


Monthly Meetings

At launchpd we conduct monthly meetings arranging a platform for the employee's to express themselves. These meetings are a way out for the employees. Here you can share any of your problems if it is professional or personal. More than these meetings assure you a space to express your talents.


Work at LaunchPD and you will learn “Knowledge is Power” and “Sky is the Limit”.